Rolf Method of Structural Integration

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What is Structural Integration 

Structural Integration is a unique method of a contemporary hands-on healthcare practice designed and tailored for the modern individual. In the healthcare field, it is regarded as the art of bodywork using biomechanical principles to realise its primary goal: to achieve healthy functioning through optimal body reorganisation and movement integration. During SI treatment programme, you embark on a journey to discover your optimal postural and movement health. In the end, you are expected to feel improvement in several critical areas of your structural health problems: Postural issues, Muscle aches and pains, joint stiffness and flexibility struggles.

How Structural Integration can help you?

The complete Structural Integration SI method is designed around three broad health themes:         


These health themes are integrated into ten treatment session-SI programme. Each session has its own goal, builds on the results of the previous one and is organised with three healthcare goals in mind:

  • Postural mapping (assessment)
    • We carefully assess your posture to identify the body structures that need re-alignment.
  • Movement tracking (examination)
    • We examine your existing movement patterns and trace potential limitations in your movement strategies.  
  • Treatment integration (hands-on treatment)
    • We combine findings from postural mapping and movement tracking to enact a highly individualised hands-on bodywork therapy with the focus to integrate your posture, movement and body biomechanics.

In this highly individualised bodywork programme, the SI practitioner throughout the ten sessions will guide you through your own unique healthcare pathway where you are expected to discover optimal postural and movement health. The practitioner will examine your posture, maps your alignment to assess how dis-organised your body structure is. She also traces the quality of movement and tracks how well the motion travels through every part of your body from feet, knees, hips, pelvis, spine to the top of your head. Finally, the practitioner using manual hand-on techniques will aim to integrate your dis-organised structure with the intention to balance and improve your biomechanics. The ultimate goal is to help prevent injuries, repetitive strain, wear and tear conditions, joint stiffness, and control chronic back pain.

Who can benefit?

People from all walks of life can benefit from Structural Integration treatment. Mainly because its healthcare philosophy rests on the idea that the body’s optimal structural alignment plays a key supporting mechanism in the following life situations:  

  • People with physical jobs
  • People with office jobs
  • Retired or older individuals
  • Athletes and sports individuals
  • Young people and children

What health problems Structural Integration (SI) can help with?

SI is known to help in several key areas of your structural health problems: postural issues, muscle aches, niggling pains, sports injuries, strains and sprains, joint stiffness and flexibility struggles.

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