Living with aches, pains or muscle stiffness? Let us help you get relief from your musculoskeletal injury or condition in Liverpool and Merseyside and Cheshire

Osteopathic treatment from YourOsteopathy could help reduce your symptoms, alleviate pain and speed up the healing process of your muscle or joint problem.

Let us find the right osteopathic treatment for you

No two musculoskeletal problems are ever the same, so we listen carefully to your symptoms and then provide one or more osteopathic treatments which are tailored to you.

Treatments include:

• Manual therapy mobilisation
• Soft tissue release
• Deep tissue massage
• Acupuncture
• Exercise regimes
• Various sports injury treatments

osteopathy treatment for backache

For problems such as:

• Head, neck and shoulder pains
• Joint and arthritic pain in any areas
• Backache and back pains
• Muscle soreness and stiffness
• Shoulder and elbow pains
• Sciatica, muscle spasms, cramp & much more

back, neck and shoulder pain

With a wide range of healthcare solutions from YourOsteopathy, you can receive all of your treatments and advice from one practitioner who can guide you through your journey to better health and wellbeing.

When is osteopathic treatment right for me?

The National Osteopathic Research Council and the UK Government recommend osteopathy to help treat a range of musculoskeletal injuries and problems. This makes treatments from YourOsteopathy ideal if you want help with reducing pain and aiding the healing process. We can assist where traditional medicine has failed, or even work alongside GP treatments to help free you of the pain and symptoms of your condition.

Many of the clients we treat include:

People with physical jobs – We can help to alleviate symptoms, maintain your body and help reduce healing times to minimise the amount of time out of work where you may be unable to earn your full income.

osteopathy treatment for back pain, sciatica, pulled muscle,neck and shoulder aches for professionals, retired people,sports people, drivers,pregnant women and babiesPeople with office jobs – Postural problems and a lack of mobility can cause aches which make day-to-day working a burden with little employer support. We can help to treat these problems and give you advice.

Retired or older individuals – Helping to treat wear and tear of the joints and muscles to improve quality of life and potentially reduce the amount of painkiller medication you may be taking.

Athletes and sports individuals – Helping to treat symptoms of high impact sports, joint strains, muscle aches, flexibility, stiffness and more to help you to get back to maximum performance faster.

treatment of muscle sprains, joint strain,pulled muscle, muscle and joint stifnessGeneral problems – Strains, sprains, injuries and niggling pains can occur in all walks of life. We can help to reduce the symptoms, fill the gap between GP/NHS appointments and speed up the healing process.

Taking you through every step of your alternative healthcare pathway……

You get the highest level of care at YourOsteopathy thanks to our personalised and regularly audited approach. We find the right solutions for your ailment and closely track how your symptoms are responding to continually adapt your treatment to your needs. This can help to achieve the fastest route to reduced pain, reduced stiffness and quicker healing.

Many years of experience also means that you receive the latest osteopathic options and advice based on the successful treatment of many of our clients across Liverpool and Merseyside and Cheshire


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